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Story Stocks: Alternative Energy, Drillers, Miners

Hello. Do you trade Stocks? 

I do, a little. Most of my stock market time is day trading of stock options. Please see the Option Results posted 27 March 2011. From about $520k to about $1.4 million is the recent increase.

About Stocks. I trade those that are high volume and making New Highs including $AAPL, $NFLX, $GMCR, $NVDA, $ERX, $UCCO etc. I also Research Story Stocks, and trade them some times.

#Green companies, particularly in Alternative Energy is one focus.

A summary for each company is in a Row of the main table below.

Clean Energy Fuels $130 million in 2009. CLNE provides Natural Gas Fleet vehicle support, including an option for bio-methane.
from constructing, equipping and maintaining fueling stations to converting vehicles to securing the financing. 

Clean Energy, in 2009, opened the world’s largest public LNG truck fueling station to serve the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and to act as one of the hubs of the new Southwest LNG Trucking Corridor for regional trucking.
GasFrac Energy of Canada TSE:GFS $97 mil in 2010 uses and licenses technology for Tar Sands to be handled cleanly using petroleum to force rather than water.

New Energy Tech NENED has late prototypes for Solar Windows. Spray it on and an existing window gens solar energy over 200% more efficiently than competing technologies.

SmartHeat is in China reducing Coal CO2 emissions.

As the developer of 6 key patents across our product lines, SmartHeat's plate heat exchanger (PHE) technology and products help reduce fossil fuel related costs and pollution by capturing and recycling waste heat thereby producing less CO2 emissions. More efficient energy use also leads to significant savings for end users as shown in the following illustration:

Heating Method
Coal Consumption(metricons)
Heat Produced(Kcal, million)
CO2 Emitted(tons)
Costs in Coal, USD
(excluding water and other costs)
District heating system connected to a co-generation power plant
1,680-1,870 KCal
Small Boiler with traditional shell-and-tube
heat exchanger

 Story Stocks
What follows is extracted from a portfolio.

Agenus IncAGEN0.910102.53M258,610.001.720.7(0.24)1.69
Albany International...AIN24.62768.14M145,246.0026.09151.2020.441.79
Approach Resources Inc.AREX31.73902.22M249,615.0034.726.120.3590.801.04
Atwood Oceanics, Inc.ATW45.492.94B841,482.0046.5423.713.7312.201.38
Bellatrix Exploration...BXE5.43*529.14M707,688.006.192.53(CA$0.29)1.56
Brigham Exploration...BEXP35.284.13B2.58M37.113.450.3892.242.91
China Agritech Inc.CAGC6.88142.87M599,508.0028.386.690.2132.561.79
China Shen Zhou Mining...SHZ4.36*134.34M2.79M10.840.60.2219.402.55
Clean Energy Fuels Corp.CLNE14.05987.06M1.44M23.711.75(0.11)1.98
Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.CBLI7.32213.18M222,415.009.62.8(0.99)1.61
Coffee Holding Co., Inc.JVA5.6531.02M33,488.008.143.670.5210.852.34
Cree, Inc.CREE44.854.91B3.62M83.3842.761.8823.840.89
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.DLB48.105.39B1.04M70.1446.82.6218.360.88
F5 Networks, Inc.FFIV95.677.73B4.78M145.7660.52.1943.771.25
Gabriel Resources Ltd.GBU7.27*2.53B624,$0.07)0.54
GASFRAC Energy Services...GFS12.43*757.72M548,654.0014.620.1CA$0.11115.36
Gastar Exploration Ltd...GST4.66*299.07M397,184.005.772.85(0.25)1.33
General Moly, Inc.GMO5.26*386.66M821,574.007.252.85(0.22)2.90
Green Tech. Solutions...GTSO2.75*367,785.00113,850.004000.2(1.57)-3.34
GREENLAND MINERALSGDLNF1.06*300.67M394,868.001.440.185
Hong Kong Highpower...HPJ3.3745.77M71,442.006.56992.810.388.82
Huntsman CorporationHUN17.754.22B3.14M19.18.17(0.07)2.08
Itron, Inc.ITRI53.022.15B693,467.0081.9550.762.5620.721.46
K-V Pharmaceutical...KV.A8.97536.50M3.21M13.550.605(5.49)3.01
Metabolix, Inc.MBLX9.58257.79M207,917.0018.4397.77(1.45)1.66
Midway Energy Ltd.MEL4.79*329.06M425,285.005.322.81(CA$0.06)1.97
Minefinders Corp. Ltd...MFN12.75*1.02B605,999.0013.098.24(0.17)0.98
Netflix, Inc.NFLX230.0112.17B5.94M247.5573.342.9677.620.48
New Energy Tech., Inc.NENED2.55*52.53M115,723.009.871.275(0.08)2.40
NVE CorporationNVEC56.02267.00M45,387.0063.49382.7320.501.02
QC Holdings, Inc.QCCO4.2773.22M16,105.005.583.380.785.440.34
Quality Systems, Inc.QSII81.992.38B186,857.008352.91.9342.460.90
Rare Element Resources...REE12.37*558.19M3.40M17.922.79(0.06)
Silvercorp Metals Inc...SVM14.072.46B2.67M15.355.860.3935.63
SINA Corporation (USA)SINA103.526.31B2.68M104.4432(0.39)1.34
SmartHeat IncHEAT3.43132.23M273,376.0012.693.350.685.047.13
Sodastream Intl. Ltd.SODA42.01772.31M431,599.0046.8823.150.9842.85
Synalloy CorporationSYNL12.7580.19M10,827.0015.57.90.6419.921.66
TransGlobe Energy Corp...TGA13.891.01B621,613.0020.265.330.5525.251.00
Western Wind Energy...WND1.46*76.80M142,518.001.731(CA$0.08)1.24

-- from Bruce W. Lynch
Boston area Technology Entrepreneur --  Comments about Stocks, Start-ups, the Economy, and Green issues.

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